Marketing Points

You build up Marketing Points with every order you place on Shop For Spa Trade. These can be spent, or redeemed against anything on this website- literally anything… full size products, samples for your clients, brochures, point of sale materials, uniforms, carrier bags- you get the idea!

Marketing Points don’t expire- so you can spend them as you wish, when you wish. It’s our way of thanking you for your continued loyalty and support. Below is a bit more information on these Marketing Points and how it all works.

Loyalty rewarded with Marketing Points

How are the new Marketing Points different to the old ones?

You can now spend your Marketing Points on even more items, including full size products!

You can then use the products as client gifts or run your own special gift with purchase promotion. For more ideas please see below.

Also look out for special ‘extra points’ promotions, where you can earn extra Marketing Points.

Please note that Marketing Points are added to your account after you have placed your order. They can then be redeemed on your next order.

How do I earn Marketing Points?

With every order, you are able to earn Marketing Points (5% of your total order), which can then be spent on marketing items such as samples, leaflets, displays and promotional items.

Every time you place an order, your Marketing Points will increase.

You can see how many points you will earn for each order in the yellow bar in the shopping basket.

How can I see how many Marketing Points I currently have?

You can see how many points you have to spend by clicking on My Account/Marketing Points when you are logged in.

Please note: Marketing Points for your current order will be only added to your points balance once you have checked out, so you can spend your points on subsequent orders.

What are Marketing Points for?

We give you Marketing Points in order for you to be able to get free items to help grow your business. Click here to see all Marketing Items.

How can I spend my Marketing Points?

You can decide whether you would like to spend your Marketing Points or save them up. Marketing Points never expire, so you can save them up for as long as you like!

When you are in the Checkout, simply enter how many of your points you would like to spend, then submit your order. The Marketing Points value will be deducted from your order.

Ideas for spending your Marketing Points

Run your own event to attract new customers

Why not host your own event? We have everything you need to make it go off with a bang.

Sampling is the king of conversion

We strongly encourage you to hand out as many samples as you can get with your Marketing Points. Once clients try our range, they convert to lifetime users of the brands, and hopefully lifetime clients for you too!

Make your clients feel special

It always makes you feel good to receive a little something special as a ‘thank you’ or even ‘happy birthday’ gift. See below some gift ideas.

Make your business look gorgeous!

Use our display material to make your business look really eye-catching!